/Young O: Wolves/So Cold Single Review

Young O: Wolves/So Cold Single Review

Young O
Double A-Side Single
Released August 31st

Well this is a nice surprise. I haven’t reviewed any U.K Hip Hop for a while! So it’s time to introduce you to rising star Young O and his singles ‘So Cold’ and ‘Wolves’.  ‘So Cold’ features Mr Lonely, and as expected, is packed full of streetwise swagger and attitude. This is underlined by a bit of electro, trance, and grime in the music, and quite captivating, though not entirely original lyrics. It’s easy to listen and dance to, and makes for a good summertime song.

B-Side ‘Wolves’ sees Young O collaborating with female vocalist Scarlet. I always enjoy the male/female vocal fusion in Hip Hop music, and this song was no exception, but the music could have been toned down a little to give the female vocal more punch. That said, I think they worked well together on the track, and the lyrics, especially in the chorus, were a lot of fun. The music began strongly with a well written and produced intro, but by the time the song had ended I was a little tired of the main beats and rhythms. There are good points about both these tracks, and I think they will both attract attention. For me, it’s a bit of, been there done that, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

If you’d like to find out more about Young O and his slice of Urban Pie, then head on over to www.myspace.com/blackeaglerecording