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We’d love to hear from you about anything to do with screamo and related music, and also whatever you have to say about our site. Got a review to send? Heard some cool news about one of your favourite bands? Taken some great photos at a gig and want to show them off? Then get in touch with us!

If you have a gig or record review, or an interview request, please use the relevant eMail address:

interviews (at) music.co.uk
reviews (at) music.co.uk

If you’re an agent, promoter or record executive and want to discuss how we can help with publicity/promotion for any of your bands, if you’d like to discuss advertising on music.co.uk or if you have any other non-copyright/legal issues relating to this site, please contact Mike:

mike (at) music.co.uk

If you have issues regarding copyrighted images/text, or any other matter regarding the law, please use this address:

legal (at) music.co.uk