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About Us

Love screamo, emocore, deathcore or related music? Then music.co.uk is for you! We’re here to bring you news, music, photos, reviews and interviews from your favourite bands… with the odd competition thrown in!

But this is your site, and we want you to get involved. Been to a gig? Send us reviews, photos, or links to YouTube vids. Bought a record? Tell us what you think about it. Met someone from a band? Let us know how it went, and what they said to you. We might publish what you send, and if you send us enough cool stuff we might want you to come and be part of the staff… and then yours will be a world of backstage passes and hanging with your screamo heroes!

To send us stuff and to get involved further, go to our ‘contact us’ page. Also remember that you can comment on any of the posts here: to do so register for our site (go to the ‘register’ link under ‘meta’ on the right). What are you waiting for? 😉