/X-Factor Verdict: The Final 24

X-Factor Verdict: The Final 24

I have a confession to make, I never miss a series of X-Factor, nor does my Mum and Dad, which is perhaps more surprising. Anyway this weekend just gone was Boot Camp weekend, and from what they were showing on T.V, I have to say it was one of the worst I’ve seen.

Now I know I couldn’t get up and sing in front of the judges, and all those people, but I’m sure there hasn’t been a year before when so many people have stumbled and forgotten their words! My disappointment had to be Miss Fitz not getting through; they were one of the more unique girl bands, and their first audition was awesome. Someone sign these girls up, they could do a lot for British Music.

My other disappointment has to be John and Edward. Unfortunately they were immediately championed by Louis. Why oh why! They are cocky, their singing is average, and they are a wee bit wierd! If there were awards for bad decisions of the series, then these two decisions would win hands down.

On the upside, we have a pretty good chance of getting another Essex contender in the live shows. Although Olly played it safe, and lacked a little sparkle at Boot Camp, his performance of the Stevie Wonder hit ‘Superstition’ won over all the judges, and swiftly increased his fan base to boot. Also from my fair county is Stacey Solomon, a single mum with a strong Essex accent, and a surprisingly good voice. It will be very interesting to see how these two acts do in the latter stages of the competition.

Rumour has it that scandal have already rocked the groups category, with one singer of Tru Colourz lying about their age. Although I did like this band, if there is truth in Harmony Hood taking their place, then this might not be such a bad thing. They would definitely bring something different to the competition. I think Kandy Rain may well be the ones to watch in this category, though I think the Boys/Girls have a pretty open playing field, and many contenders for the live shows. I think my hot tips would have to be Lucie Jones, Rikki Loney, and Duane Lamonte.

Have you got any favourites yet? What do you think of the Final 24? And of course who would you like to see make the Live Finals? Comment below, and join in with one of the hottest topics of conversation this autumn.