/VETO: Built To Fail

VETO: Built To Fail

CD review Artist: VETO Title: ‘Built To Fail’

Scandinavian five-piece VETO preview the release of their first album to be unleashed in the U.K. with the single ‘Built To Fail’. Mixing the electronica bleeps found in bands like Maximo Parks’ music with a vocal that’s a bit Robert Smith morphing into a lush, harmony reminiscent of an offering from The Klaxons.

Kicking off with a riff and rhythm not unlike the generic signature of just about every Pendulum track, ‘Built To Fail’ is definitely a catchy effort, the breakdown (2:10) is again, very Klaxons-esque, and if I’m honest I’m finding it difficult to pin an identity on these guys.

It’s a good tune but unlikely to set the world on fire. It’s about now that I question why this is their first album to be made available in the U.K. That it sounds pretty much like an amalgamation of every U.K. band of the last four years may shed light on that.

Backed with two remixes – by Tomboy and James Braun respectively – which fail to show us an inventive side and have ‘filler’ written all over them.

The radio edit however does have some promising moments. There’s definitely an energy to the song; the riff is infectious, the vocals do initially assist in whipping up a frenzy and the aforementioned harmonies do add a pleasant light, relaxed feel opposing the energetic moments.

The song would probably go down a storm at Creamfields around sunset. My advice would be to check out the tracks on their myspace page (details of which can be found at the bottom of this review) and wrestle with the decision of whether the new album ‘Crushing Digits’ (available from April 20th) is worthy of your pennies.

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