/You Tube Pick: JLS Everybody In Love

You Tube Pick: JLS Everybody In Love

Another day, another easy You Tube decision! Most of you will know the JLS story, and how the boys stormed through the X Factor shows, only to be beaten at the winning post by Alexandra Burke. But when it comes to T.V talent shows, we all know what happens to runners-up. Cue JLS hitting number one with their harmonic, funky, and downright catchy song ‘Beat Again’.

‘Beat Again’ is still a huge favourite on the radio, but you should all prepare yourselves for the onslaught of the new JLS single, and what a single it is! ‘Everybody In Love’ is not surprisingly scheduled for release so it doesn’t clash with, what we expect will be an X Factor battle for Christmas number one, but hey that just means we all get our JLS fix much sooner!

This You Tube pick isn’t actually much of a music video, but it does have some great photos of the guys, and the song lyrics scrolling across the bottom of the window which is quite cool. The song itself is a powerhouse of a tune. It’s a mid-tempo, very catchy song, that this time has more of a soulful, melodic feel to the music. It reminds me a bit of the Urban/Pop that Blazing Squad produced, just without the rap, and with a much stronger vocal presence.

I’ll certainly be down the local record store buying a copy, and I am sure many of you will too. It’s certainly a TUNE!! You can pre-order the single now from HMV, or get hold of a copy when it’s released on November 2nd.