/Stunt: I’ll Be There (single review)

Stunt: I’ll Be There (single review)

Remember the name Stunt, as you’re sure to hear a lot from this act in 2009. They first burst onto the scene in 2008, making a huge impact in the dance market with their debut single. This track, called ‘Raindrops’, featured samples of the massive Sash hit ‘Encore Une Fois’ and went to number 8 in the U.K chart.  Stunt is back in 2009 with a new hit ‘I’ll Be There’, which has already found a niche for itself at the top of the club charts, and on music T.V.

The track draws on classic dance formulas with a powerful, yet sugary sweet vocal, well written lyrics, and an ambient synth rhythm. It’s smooth, slick, and has a beat that’s sure to get everyone dancing in the clubs. Along with a radio edit, there are also six remixes on the C.D from Alex K, Ultra Beat, Clubstar, and The Real Booty Babes. I have mixed feelings about remixes; some can be creative and enjoyable, and others can be a bit long winded and repetitive for my tastes. On this single there’s a mix. Clubstar for me have done the best remix, with good synth sections and an infectious beat. The Ultrabeat mix also stood out as powerful and soaring. On the flipside, the hypersonic mix seemed a little bit odd, with beats that sounded more like someone using a plane on wood than music, and didn’t really offer anything new for me. 

Although it may be young people that will be buying and dancing to this the most, it’s surprising the age range club music can appeal to. So watch out for your parents borrowing this song, which I’m sure will continue Stunt’s success.