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Shakira SheWolf

Shakira Mebarak Ripoll aka ‘Shakira’ to us the music loving public, used early inspiration of the time when she joined a group of belly dancers at a Middle Eastern restaurant for her moves in this video. She showed she could emulate their moves, much to the delight of everyone in the restaurant and she continued delivering impromptu performances for anyone who would stop long enough to watch her.

Firstly a she-wolf, or bitch to give it the proper term, can be dominant in a pair so this song really is biologically pointless as if Shakira was with a dom-wolf they would not mate in the first place. Luckily reality goes out of the window in the land of music videos so she is a shewolf and sings a song about supressing it!

Anyway, on with the video! The basic idea is Shakira is the shewolf hidden in the closet. Her awareness is triggered by the big full moon outside her window which starts her transformation.

Walking from the real world to her wolf lair involves fighting off an invisible attacker while making her way through the lower intestine of someone who has just digested a tub of glitter. This soon interchanges with shots of her in a cage, her sexuality is CAGED!! GEDDIT? metaphor olympic gold winner right there.

The dancing is the type that if you turn the volume to mute you would be forgiven to thinking you are watching IBIZA CLUB REPS 1997 or the like. My fave is the lean-back-downing-pints impression she does. You can find that right before the arse-slug move, you will know it when you see it.

The best bit of the video is the ‘awoo’ lean forward, she does this with a cheeky smile, knowing that it will be impersonated on sticky dance floors up and down the land. This leads nicely to the next section of the video, The Nightclub Scene. Filmed in blur-o-vision , it features Shakira Shakira dancing with the odd shot of a wolf walking through. This wolf soon morphed into a girl, yet another shewolf on the prowl.

The action then moves on to a generic cityscape rooftop, perhaps to try and indicate that she can dance normally rather than just like an elastic band. It is good to know she can rub her stomach and pat her head at the same time though, as thats a tricky skill.

The video ends with Shakira falling from the building back into her closet. Returning to bed, she looks at the moon and smiles, the only bit of cheese missing is a shot of wolf fangs but you never know what an edit may bring 😉

Oddly enough with real wolves a common hunting tactic is to have the er, she wolf chase the prey until exhaustion and the he-wolf (!) then uses his power to take it down. In musical terms this video is similar, distraction (to exhaustion) by dancing of a nice body and you can bring in anything to finish it off. In this case, its the lyrics and music.

Rating: 2/10
Lesson Learned: Shakira is bendy.