/Screaming Lights: Phenomena Grandfather Clock

Screaming Lights: Phenomena Grandfather Clock

Single Review

Artist: Screaming Lights

Title: Phenomena / Grandfather Clock (double a-side)

Liverpool-based Screaming Lights have gone from strength to strength since their last single release GMN earlier this year. Fresh from tours with the Mystery Jets, Late of the Pier, Detroit Social scene and a support slot with White Lies in their native Liverpool, Screaming Lights offer us this double a-side Phenomena / Grandfather Clock.

After a bit of a false start the opening track sounds like I would imagine New Order to sound with Ian Curtis singing. The synths giving the verse a warm glow and making them stand out from the crowd. For those of you who are familiar with their song GMN, you may be like me and want the band to use these synths to the same effect as found on their previous release, but all the same it’s another promising track from the Liverpudlian foursome. (For those of you unfamiliar with GMN and Glow, these tracks can be found on the b-side of this release.)

Even better is Grandfather Clock. Replacing synths (sorry to go on about them but they are an integral part of the bands’ sound) with piano hooks and plenty of energy somehow lacking on the former track. A million miles away from the rave, Calvin Harris-feel of GMN and the Madchester baggy-ness of Glow, Grandfather Clock shows another side to the bands’ musical offering which does beg the question how coherent these tracks will sound on an album format.

With no signs of an album on the horizon I am assuming that as well as building a following whilst touring up and down the country, they may be honing their sound; contemplating which songs receive consistent praise to go on and compile an album of songs in this vein. I’m only speculating of course and they could prove me wrong and throw everything they’ve released thus far on to one disc and take the 2010 Grammy’s by storm. Whatever route they choose, I guarantee that Screaming Lights will certainly be a band to watch out for in the foreseeable future.

Phenomena / Grandfather Clock is available to download from iTunes.

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