/Retro Fest Is Coming Home!

Retro Fest Is Coming Home!

Music.co.uk has some bad news to announce, but there’s some good news too, so which would you like first? Well this news story concerns, what some may see as the unfortunate relocation of Retrofest, a Scottish Music Festival.

Due to differences between the promoters of the event, and Glasgow City Council, the event will now be moved to a new location, and this is where the story gets interesting! This new location will be in Ayrshire, the festivals birthplace! Yes you heard me right; Retrofest is coming home, and to a great location too!

Retrofest 2009 will take place at Loudoun Castle Family Theme Park, which stands next to a 15th Century Castle, and 600 acres of woodland. It’s a stunning setting, just 20 minutes from Glasgow, and will come alive to the sounds of some great Retrofest acts on August 29th and 30th, the same dates as originally planned. Acts appearing include the legendary performers, Gloria Gaynor, Level 42, and Rick Astley.

All sounds good doesn’t it? And if you’re in a panic over the changed location don’t be, as some help is at hand. For those who have booked a hotel in the Glasgow or Strathclyde Country Park areas, there will be mini buses available to transport you to Loudoun, and better yet, the cost is minimal. Keep an eye on retrofest.co.uk for details, or call one of the following numbers if you are a day/weekend ticket holder and wish to upgrade to camping, or purchase a campervan/caravan ticket. Call 0141 204 5151, 0870 220 1116, or 0844 736 5222 for more details.

So there you have it, Retrofest is moving, but Retro Fest is also coming home, and the team look forward to welcoming you to Retrofest 2009. In the meantime, here’s a little message from them; “We cannot stress enough how sorry we are that with only six weeks to go we are having to move the event and can only thank you for the support you have shown us throughout the past two and a half years and hope that we can continue to enjoy your loyalty and that you have a great time at Retrofest 2009!”

More news coming soon, keep it here @ music.co.uk