/Music.co.uk Salutes Faces Of Disco

Music.co.uk Salutes Faces Of Disco

Britain’s Got Talent is currently playing out on our T.V screens, and like every other year I’m hooked. But I’m not interested in the hype, the questionable acts that have been put through, or the unfair advantage certain acts have been given. I’m interested in the pure talent, and pure entertainment. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to salute the pure genius that is Faces of Disco!

Face’s of Disco, in case you needed reminding, are two friends who first put together the comedy dance act to raise money while at university. It’s a pretty impressive way of making money, and it seems ,entertaining the nation too. Although Richard and Liam failed to make it through to the Britain’s Got Talent Finals, they made me, and many thousands of viewers smile, laugh, and want to see more. They chose some classic disco tracks for their routines, and yes, Disco may be a bit camp, but I bet I wasn’t the only one clapping and singing along. It’s not just the music that makes this routine though, it’s the comedy dancing and masks, that are worked so seamlessly into every routine. You can’t fail to react to Louis, Simon, The Queen, Gordon Brown, and all the other characters done Faces of Disco Style. It’s brilliant, I salute you boys, and I hope you have a long and fruitful career off the back of Britain’s Got Talent. Oh and please come and perform in my hometown of Chelmsford sometime!

To find out more about these guys please visit www.facesofdisco.co.uk, and please feel free to post your messages of support for the guys below.