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Musical Comedians

There is a lot to be said for those people who continuously come up with funny material. It’s that kind of joke that makes you giggle inside, or laugh so heartily you think your sides are literally going to tear apart. With that kind of material you know you’re going to be a popular comedian but what happens when you get a giant mixing bowl, add a great dollop of classic comedy with a cup full of musical ability?

Why, you get one of the most fabulous niche markets in the arts and entertainment industry, that’s what!

Musical talent is something that you can be born with, or develop throughout years of training and practice. This ability requires a quick mind that can adapt to many different levels of musical knowledge, as well as going through experiences that every musician needs to strive – a live performance. So when you get a quick mind that’s born with a natural wit, there is an amazing hybrid of entertainer born that gives audiences the pleasure and satisfaction of a musical evening while also giving the audience a laugh which everyone needs in order to keep a sane mind.

This hybrid has created fans of millions, selling out shows, and gives a newer and rare insight into the life of a musician.

Here are some of our favourite musical comedians and why – comment and tell us about your own! We’re always after a good laugh and a great listen.



Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin has been doing the rounds for quite some time. Starting off in a band where his comedic ability was somewhat hindered, Minchin moved towards creating his own solo efforts which have since gained critical accolades and scored him some prime time during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival among many others. His quick wit and dark humour mingles perfectly with his classically trained piano mind which has this amazing sense of satisfaction after viewing one show. Often daring to go where many other comedians won’t, Minchin scores a thumbs up for being absolutely roaringly hilarious, while giving you a catchy tune that just won’t leave your head. Not for people who can’t take irony, or a bit of swearing (all in good fun)


Flight of the Concords

Jemaine and Bret are a New Zealand comedy duo who pair their sarcastic and often very dry humour with their weapons: two acoustic guitars.

The duo started out on the comedy route preparing short songs and a few small skits to compensate for their musical and comedic ability which ended up with them starring in their own television show, as well as releasing an album with critical acclaim.

The pair maintain their dry wit which mingles well with their musical ability. Definitely an act to check out if you thrive on awkward humour, and enjoy a good sing-a-long.


Bill Bailey

The comedian that seems to have been around forever constantly astonishes audiences with his fast paced thinking, clever quips, and incredibly funny takes on the musical world. In his dvd Part Troll Bailey takes an interesting stance and recreates the ‘typical’ U2 song. We all laughed – mostly because we saw how incredibly true it was. It was hard not to laugh when you could see almost step by step the writing process took when the band got together, and the world applauded Bailey for making such a hilarious observation. Most of his performances are standup routines occasionally punctuated with the odd musical number, earning Bill Bailey a point in our books for not only being consistently funny, but terribly talented at the same time.

Weird Al Yankovic

What would a musical-comedian list be without the man who has been pioneering this niche audience for many decades? This American comedian has been around since his first comedic single debut in 1979 and has since sold more albums than any other comedy act in the world. 12 million musical comedy albums have been sold which wins Weird Al Yankovic an award of honour within this category. Weird Al has made his name by taking many popular songs and turning them into clever satires of their original standpoints. Often remixing stories as well as making comical observations and parodies of current political situations, Weird Al has captured an audience and constantly appeals to every generation.

Mr Yankovic gains a giant high-five for being a long running musical comedian, selling millions of albums, and constantly coming up with material.