/Maximo Park Video Review

Maximo Park Video Review

Maximo Park: Questing Not Coasting

Festival favourites Maximo Park have a busy summer ahead of them, appearing at festivals all over the U.K and Europe, and playing some gigs in America. Somehow they have also found time to record a new single, Questing Not Coasting, which is due for release on July 13th.

The video link landed in my inbox this week, and all I can say is my first Maximo Park experience was quite an impressive one. The video is set in a darkened room, with the band performing sometimes in silhouette, against a video screen, which displays some stunning effects throughout the songs run. Even though it’s only a video, the band put a lot of energy into their performance, of what is sure to be a hit pop/rock song. ‘Questing Not Coasting’ is an interesting title, and what follows is melodic, current, and quite catchy. I don’t think it’s quite as soaring or powerful as songs that Snow Patrol, Keane and the like produce, but I enjoyed it and think it will do well when released on July 13th.