/Kate Havnevik Song Review

Kate Havnevik Song Review

Music.co.uk enjoys discovering new talent, and today I’m reviewing a lady aiming for big things in 2009. Kate Havnevik is a singer-songwriter from Norway, who divides her time between there and London. Already she’s toured with Sigur Ros and Air on their world tours, and worked with Bjork’s producer Guy Sigsworth. Her debut album Melankton has proved popular on itunes, and her songs have also appeared on American television. They are all very impressive credits, but what of the music?

I was sent the delightful acoustic/folk track ‘Show Me Love’ to review, which I have to say has a lot of charm. It has a bit of a quirky feel to it and features traditional folk sounds from whistling to the tambourine. There are also slight hints of electronic music, Kate’s other interest. ‘Show Me Love ‘is a lively, easy to listen to song, with a good story behind it. It’s easy to see that it will work well in any size live arena, from campfires to full-blown festival stages. Even if this style of music is something you wouldn’t normally listen to, if it’s done well, as in this case, it’s hard not to get drawn in and ask for more.

Having a writers natural curiosity I also checked out Kate’s songs on myspace, which lean towards the ambient, dreamlike, so called ‘otherworld’ side of her music. The two tracks ‘Halo’ and ‘Unlike Me’ are quite reflective and melancholy, with some good harmonies. Perhaps the overall effect is a little too obscure for my tastes, but an interesting experiment nonetheless, which her fans are sure to enjoy. 

We’ll have more on Norway’s rising star on-site very soon, but in the meantime, why not visit Kate Havnevik on myspace and have a listen to her songs; an interesting listen is guaranteed. www.myspace.com/katehavnevik