/Kangol’s Always Dancing To The Hip Hop Beat!

Kangol’s Always Dancing To The Hip Hop Beat!

hip-hop kangolFashion and music have long walked hand in hand, with singers adopting key items, and fashion designers adopting styles favoured by them. With image all important in music these days, stars want all the latest key items to wear in their video shoots, or onstage.

Kangol is one fashion brand that is well known in music circles, particularly when it comes to the fusion of urban music and street style. Their products have long been a favourite of Hip Hop royalty like LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, and De La Soul. This year they hope to further their popularity with the Hip Hop elite, by introducing new items to the SPpring/Summer collection in their baseball range.

Popular items in this collection already include the Denim Flexfit, and Cotton Twill Army Cap, which will be joined in 2010 by the Heritage Check Player, and Bermuda Casual. These are both items that LL Cool J has been spotted in, so if you want to join him, and embrace the essence of Hip Hop cool, check out the picture below.