/Jamelia, Buzzcocks, and Maxwell D’s Apology

Jamelia, Buzzcocks, and Maxwell D’s Apology

Our fave brummie, the MOBO & Brit award winning Jamelia appeared on the BBC show ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks‘ last night and had a very odd encounter. The show has a ‘lineup’ section, where an obscure artist or band member appears along side four other lookalikes, and the challenge is to guess who the real artist is.

In last nights show ‘Maxwell D’, a London based MC, was star of the line up. It turns out he attempted to sell a story on Jamelia back in t’day. Jamelia called him out during the show, and pointed out she was happy he was in a lineup while she was the panel guest.

Today, the story goes a step further, with youtube and twitter abuzz with interesting viewpoints. Some focus on Maxwell D apologising, while calling the show ‘abit of a setup‘.

Jamelia has replied via her twitter page saying “The case is closed. He got his in the worst way, and I will now forgive him, as he didn’t have to apologise in such a public way. So I wish him all the best with his life etc. And that’s all I will ever say again on the matter“.

The awkward, if not hilarious moment can be viewed nearer the end of this youtube clip, however Jamelia was less than impressed with the final edit saying, “They so didn’t clap, and on the show she said “good luck with that – you cock, but hey…oh and they didn’t show me saying it was a LIE!!