/Interview With Marc From AT Music Group

Interview With Marc From AT Music Group

atgroup1Music journalism, just like any other form of writing, can be a challenge, except that is, when there are interesting people about to interview. Today I’ve had the pleasure of getting in touch with Marc Fargeot from AT Music Group. His name may only be familiar to the music loving people of Chelmsford/Essex at the moment, but hopefully one day many more people will credit him for the great work he does for the music scene in our fair county. Scroll down and find out what he had to say about his company, surfing, and a band called ‘My dying Bride’!

1. From recent internet observations, it sounds like you’re a man with fingers in many different pies; would this be a fair assumption?
Yep – I’m an entrepreneurial type

2. Was it always the plan to build up a multi-platform company such as AT Music, or did you purely have playing/performing ambitions in earlier years?

Yeah – I used to be in a signed band called Vero years back, and we got stung, so I set up the music company to look after musicians and performers, and to cover all aspects of the music industry.

3. In a nutshell what can people do at AT Music, and how do you feel each part of the business is going?

AT Music Live Room
AT Music Live Room

Record, get tuition, rehearse, there’s Photography services, a booking agency, merchandise, management, CD duplication, website and graphic design work. Each part of the business is on an even keel.

4. You must’ve seen and heard an interesting range of talent by now, any tips for us to look out for?

There are some amazing bands that I’m keeping my eye on – THE HYPE THEORY is one which I think will sign a deal very soon

5. At your recent outdoor event in Chelmsford, some bands seemed bemused to be playing outside a shopping centre to coffee drinkers, do you think this a cue to get them out of the pub/bars playing to a different audience more?

The AT Music Fest Chelmsford
The AT Music Fest Chelmsford

It was a bit strange – we were approached to put on a festival in Chelmsford High Street, then were told to turn it down by the bar owners – We still rocked it, and have been asked to do another one on November 7th.

6. What are the key things your previous experience in music has taught you?

Not to piss anyone off in the music industry cause it will bite you back one day.

7. We inhabit a world of unusual song titles and band names, do you have any favourites?

My Dying Bride – think it’s the best name a band could ever have – great band!

8. What do you enjoy doing outside of music? or would like to do given the chance?

I enjoy surfing as much as humanly possible – it’s the one thing I do where I can escape from everything, and be on my own and in Mother natures hands

9. What are your ambitions for the future?

To put A.T. Stateside – we are in discussions at the moment – and to host a stage at the V Festival 2010 – also in

Marc Also Plays In Acacia Road
Marc Also Plays In Acacia Road

discussions about it. No one is promoting bands on the scale that we do in Chelmsford, so they are very keen to have us onboard.

10. Essex has clearly got a lot of talent music-wise, but what else do you rate it for?

Great question – It has some wicked mountain bike trails – other than that, it has a great link to London and is just far enough to be out of the hustle and noise.

11. Finally we’d like u to name something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue (i.e past it’s sell by date)!

Old = me, New = our new lighting rig, its freaking awesome, Borrowed = Simon Elm’s Doors DVDs, Blue = My Car.

12. And, add in a message to all the readers that will be reading this interview soon.

Keep supporting music, and if anyone has any questions about music, or the music business then just look us up and we’d be happy to help. And to all those under 18, our under 18 “TEEN SCENE” nights are really taking off. So all you kids get to gig as much as poss, without any age restrictions. The next one for the younger generation is Sept 26th at The British Legion off Baddow Road, Chelmsford from 7 til 11pm.

To find out more about Marc and all the services AT Music Group has to offer, get along to www.atmusicgroup.co.uk! Also look out for future AT Music Group events in Essex. We’ve been to a few now, and they really do rock! A Big Thank you has to go to Marc, for giving us an insight into his world. I just wish I had some money to hire AT Music for myself!