/Fugative: Jimmy Shoe (Single Review)

Fugative: Jimmy Shoe (Single Review)

As regular readers of music.co.uk will know, we recently introduced you to rising hip hop star Fugative. With his single release fast approaching, it appears it’s not just screaming girls at his gigs that have been impressed by the teenager, but some notable names in the American Urban Music Industry too.

Kirk Burrowes has been instrumental in the careers of many big American names, including Mary J Blige and the Notorious B.I.G, now 15 year old Fugative has caught his attention. This means an exciting future of brand endorsements, and more importantly musical associations. Famous producers and DJ’s likely to be working with the Essex schoolboy include Soul Diggaz (Missy Elliot, Beyonce), Young Lord (Pussy Cat Dolls), and Christopher ‘Tricky’ Stewart (Usher, Jamie Foxx).

It sounds like Fugative has an exciting 2009 ahead, but for now there’s a single release to focus on. ‘Jimmy Shoe’ is written and produced by Fugative himself, and illustrates his potential as a writer and producer in this genre. Hip-Pop is not really anything new, as fans of Blazing Squad will testify, but this young talent does bring a new freshness and energy to the genre. The lyrics are poking fun at female shoe obsessions, and are sung over a danceable, rhythmic beat. The well written chorus stands out the most for me, though I’m not a big fan of the often heavier beats in the remix. Overall this is a fun, current track that I’m sure many fellow teenagers and hip hop fans will enjoy. With news circulating about his future collaborations, there should be some great new music to come too.

To keep updated with Fugative’s career, including his T.V and live appearances, visit www.myspace.com/fugativeuk