/Earplugs at Gigs, What A Genius Idea!

Earplugs at Gigs, What A Genius Idea!

When it comes to live music, we’ve all been there. No matter what age we are, or where we’ve been, there has come a time when we’ve left a music venue feeling ever so slightly deaf. This can be a particular problem in smaller venue, where the wall of sound is a full frontal attack on your senses. In short the music has no place to go but in your ears. Today however I bring news, of what I think is a frankly genius idea to help us enjoy live music in comfort.

Comfort would certainly be important if you were listening to My Bloody Valentine, one of the U.K’s loudest rock bands. I’ve never been to one of their gigs, but I can easily imagine the decibel levels going through the roof. It’s even been reported that the lead singer of the band, and his girlfriend, have damaged eardrums after over exposure to the ‘glorious swirls of noise’ they’ve been creating. Something had to be done, and this is where the genius idea comes in. The band has teamed up with British online retailer Earplug Shop to offer fans free disposable earplugs at all their remaining European gigs this year. These earplugs have been designed to reduce the noise levels to safe levels, and thousands are expected to be given out to the bands fans. It’s not just fans of this rock band that will benefit though, everyone can. The website stocks the most comprehensive range of earplugs on the market, and also has a special ‘festival and gig’ section selling specialist reusable earplugs. Company director Shaun Thornburgh is very excited by the link-up with ‘My Bloody Valentine, and who could blame him.

“I am very pleased to have struck a deal with such an ear-splittingly loud band as My Bloody Valentine, and respect to them for taking ear damage so seriously.  By handing out these disposable earplugs at their gigs, the band is highlighting how important it is to protect ears from damage which, once set in, is irreversible. I’m also really pleased that RNID’s Don’t Lose the Music campaign is working with us to showcase how important earplug wear is.”
(Source:The Observer May 2008)

200 Consumers have been surveyed by the website, and a large number of them were unaware that their ears are affected after only 15 minutes exposure to loud music. But now those surveyed, and you the music.co.uk readers know the facts, and will hopefully see what an important issue this is.

Hearing is a god given gift, and should be looked after. If we can invest in a product that protects our ears, yet doesn’t detract from our enjoyment of live music. Then surely it’s worth it. I for one would certainly buy a pair, and think it’s great that both musicians and hearing organisations are getting behind this initiative. I hope to see many more do so in the future. I just think it’s a brilliant idea, I salute the entrepreneur behind it, and if I was a Dragon in Dragon’s Den, I’d probably fight to invest in it to!

Here are all the links you need for further information on the issue featured in this article.

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