/Christian Metal: Lets not hate, ya’ll.

Christian Metal: Lets not hate, ya’ll.

 For those agnostic and atheist music enthusiasts around the world, we often look down at the Christian metal/rock side of the spectrum. It’s not uncommon, more than often, if you’re not persuaded by the world of the Christian doctrine, then you’re probably not going to want to hear about God.

There is a great stigma attached to this style of music, which effects its popularity within the music industry. People assume that Christian music is there to brainwash and convert, when it’s often not the case. With today’s evolving aspects on society and life philosophies, it seems as though the Christian church is evolving, and the members in which they hold have taken their own stance on music.

Christian metal seems like an oxymoron. Metal, naturally promotes satanism, death, drug use.. There are so many stereotypes to that one, I could write a book on it. I am certainly no Christian, and i’ll be the first to tell you that, however after discussing the merits of Christian metal with a dear friend of mine who i’ve known since I was six, he reminded me that not all music has to be the opposite of good.

Good, in terms of not necessarily being bad, for the sake of being bad. Christian music often has the same themes in their songs as any other: heart break, relationship breakdown, ‘getting the party started’, or just general solutions to problems in the first place. The only difference being they’re probably not going to talk about being promiscuous, or taking drugs, or getting ‘sooooo fucked up’. As my friend said “They rock out, and trade the ‘cock out’ part for a simple monogamous and loving relationship.”

The fact is, Christian metal could be so well disguised that you would have no clue they were Christian until they’re standing up at the Grammys, clutching that golden statue in their hand and praising God for their award. There are hundreds of pop musicians who adapt to the doctrine who thank God at every opportunity they get. In that genre of music, it’s typically seen that they’re just as promiscuous as the metalheads, which creates the stigma that Christian metal is a contradiction of terms.

So after having this discussion, I set about and found some Christian metal bands that weren’t all that bad. I certainly do not have a faith and remain (faithfully) agnostic, but I didn’t find any reason that the following bands would offend me with their faith. So if you’re up for not giving a shit about someone’s life and just want some new music to listen to, then check out these guys:

As I Lay Dying (Yeah, they’re Christian. Surprise!)

  • Blindside

  • Flyleaf

  • Impending Doom

  • Trouble

  • Stryper

  • P.O.D (While not my style, they certainly are Christian, and have a great following)

  • Norma Jean

All of the aforementioned bands support a Christian or another similar doctrine, but don’t push the ideology in your face frequently enough to care. They still possess all the attributes of a metal band, still give you the intense sound and similar themes, but on the occasion pray to God.

What’s so bad about that? As a previously very cynical Christian Metal hater, i’m going to say – Leave the Christian Metal fans alone. If they don’t push it in your face, then who cares?