/Chico v Robbie: England’s World Cup Song Battle!

Chico v Robbie: England’s World Cup Song Battle!

When it comes to Chico and Robbie Williams no introduction is really needed, at least for the UK public! One is a superstar singer with millions of albums under his belt, the other, to put it politely, one of the novelty acts to come out of X-Factor, who will be touring Butlins this summer! In some respects they may be poles apart, but the one thing they have in common, is that both are involved in songs supporting England on their journey to the World Cup in South Africa.

Chico will shortly release ‘It’s England Time’, a song that has already got people talking!! Radio One DJ Chris Moyles and GMTV have already voiced their support for the song, and no doubt others will follow suit. If you’re looking for pure cheese this World Cup, then this is the track for you! It’s a fun, novelty song, it’s got its own dance routine, and the slick writing/production has added in a few football whistles, crowd cheers, and chants (Go England, Go England, Go!) to add to the lively atmosphere. Love Chico, or hate him, he knows how to get his music stuck in peoples heads, he’s even managed to get a few celebrity friends to appear in his video as well (see below) The only question is, how will his song fare against the mighty anthem that is ‘Three Lions’?

‘Three Lions’ made a huge impact when it was originally released to coincide with the Euro 96 tournament, and has been a favourite on the terraces ever since! Now it’s back for 2010, ‘reworked, reinvented, and re-recorded’. ‘Three Lions 2010’ as it has been named, features Ian Broudie from The Lightening Seeds, and Comedy Duo David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, the original creators of the track, who perform alongside Robbie Williams. Also featured in this version is a full orchestra and choir, The Official England Band, John Motson, and a few operatic bursts courtesy of Olivia Safe. What can I say, other than it’s a classic, I’ve enjoyed singing along to many a time. I wouldn’t bet against it, but which footy song do you prefer?


‘Its England Time’ is available to download from June 7th, with all proceeds going to the Rainbow Child Foundation. ‘Three Lions 2010’ is available from I-Tunes Now!