/Brokencyde Freaxxx Review

Brokencyde Freaxxx Review

Brokencyde Freaxxx Review by Rob Taylor.

I wonder if they use booster seats?

Oh my.

You know you are onto a winner when you have one bandanna badass and a dayglo haircut emerge from a beefy 4×4 to the backing of electronic music which sounds like it was created by Rave Ejay 0.1 via a spectrum.

It gets better as the boot opens to show some ‘shorties’ coming out to join the fun!

The whole crazy episode is as though a member of Busted/McFly (The pink goth-glo)  has persistant vomiting and has accidently been taken to a Soulja Boy Juniors video shoot. Without any hint of thought they auto-tune ‘rap’ about ‘Versace’, ‘Rolex watches’, ‘Bentleys’ and other such bling while standing infront of a Jaguar that could have pulled out of 10 Downing St in the early 90’s. Perhaps the ‘hardcore shit will make you feel the toxic’ is a vauge reference to the credit crunch and they have nicked Ken Clarke’s motor?

That Bentley looks quite like a Jag...

Around the two minute mark things fall off the cliff of quality. “Liar” is screamed in stereo at random girls with some bloke in a pig costume (I have since found out this is the mascot called Bree) making an apperance. This screamo / crunk / crap cocktail will probably go down a storm on myspace however if this is the future of music I am worried.

Looking on the website of the guys who filmed it (‘eat cake’ films), they are keen to tell people ” There was no drinking of alcohol on set. The bottle you see seven drinking from….that’s apple juice believe it or not!” I can believe it! The bit I have trouble with is a bloke called ‘Se7en’ aka Steven to his parents who is in danger of cutting himself if he gets any more edgy.

Liar and strangulation. Ace.

I watch far too many music videos, and this has to be the most confused and inane one for a long time. I would hope it is a parody and excellent social commentary, in which case I would be impressed. I am not though, just saddened if not a little scared!

Brokencyde Freaxxx on Youtube. Be warned, this is 3.52 minutes of your life which you will never get back.