/The Benefits Of Music And Technology

The Benefits Of Music And Technology

Technology quite simply changed life as we know it, and has constantly evolved and developed, benefiting all walks of life. While all this is nothing new, two news stories arrived in my inbox this week related to music and technology, which captured my interest. Hopefully they will capture yours too.

Legendary musician and T.V presenter Jools Holland was in London this week to launch Visual Voice Pro, an inspiring product that provides a unique multi-sensory environment for children with special needs. The product is essentially a piece of sound reactive software, that can be used via a pc or laptop and a projector, making it ideal for sensory gardens, sensory rooms, or general therapy. This innovation was designed by HMC Interactive, Drake Music, and Bibic, who were able to research and develop their product after support from Media Sandbox. This is a scheme in South West England that enables winning bidders to come up with ideas, such as Visual Voice Pro, that will then expand their company. It sounds like an exciting, and very beneficial product, and one which Jools Holland is happy to endorse. “I am delighted to endorse Visual Voice Pro. Music is a powerful medium, and to see it made visual in a way that can help people is very exciting. Visual Voice Pro is a great tool that can benefit anybody who wants to find a new way to experience the magic of sound.”

Talking of new experiences, a Glasgow technology company called Popmorphic are aiming to change the way we watch music videos forever. They have teamed up with up and coming singer Unicorn Kid, to launch the first ever interactive music video that is also a game. Sounds complicated, but we are assured that even technophobes can get used to operating this product. 

The interactive video element allows users to control what they see on screen, meaning that the video can potentially be viewed in hundreds of different ways. The same equaliser style sliders also enable the user to play an adventure style game, where they search for clues to help Unicorn Kid find his ‘Lions Hat’. It all sounds like fun, and is possible because of Popmorphics unique technology. Interestingly, the technology is patented, and cannot be copied, so any possible pirate versions would turn into standard video footage, something which is likely to benefit the music industry in the future. Why not check the product out for yourself and decide whether the technology behind the product, or media favourite Unicorn Kid, is the star of the show.

Unicorn Kid will be touring the U.K throughout June in support of his second single release. For dates and more info about this pop/electro singer visit www.myspace.com/unicornkid