/60 Persons: Turn Around (Single)

60 Persons: Turn Around (Single)

There have been stirrings of a musical sort across the border in Scotland, and it seems it’s not just been the Highlands that have been alive to the sound of indie music, but the rest of the UK too. Five piece band 60 persons formed in 2008, and have already toured Scotland and the UK several times. They hope to build upon the interest they’ve received, and give Britain it’s first major taste of the band with the release of their debut single in March.

‘Turn Around’ begins with the three immortal words ‘I’m so tired’, and the lead singer does indeed seem a bit weary at the start of his vocal performance. It takes a while before any real energy appears in the vocal, and the absence of backing vocals in the chorus also reduces the impact of the track. That said, the music is well written, and the stomping guitars very catchy. It’s a promising start, though their accompanying track ‘Not Like You’ could do with some shine and polish. Although the drums are really good here, and the overall musical arrangements interesting, the vocal is straining and struggling a bit, which dented the effect of the song somewhat. I’m glad to hear this band are attracting interest, but I think they need to build up and develop their sound, as well as their fan base, so they realise their potential.

‘Turn around’ is released on March 29th, for more information visit www.myspace.com/60persons