/15 Questions With Showbiz Heroes

15 Questions With Showbiz Heroes

Happy 2010 everybody! I thought I’d kick off the New Year in style by bringing back 15 questions, this time with a brand new act from London called Showbizheroes. These guys clearly have a sense of humour, so I think you’ll enjoy this one!

1 – What is your band / artist name, and why did you choose it?

The band name is SHOWBIZHEROES, we think it sounds pretty cool, and different, it’s kinda the opposite of what we actually are. We find it interesting to see the types of people that are looked at as showbiz heroes by today’s generation.

2 – What stage are you at in your career at the moment?

We’ve been together since Jan 2009 and have recorded an EP called ‘The Periodic Table Does Not Recognise The Element Of Surprise’, which fans can download for free from our website. Early in 2010 fans will be able to ‘upgrade’ this to the full album for a very small charge (or maybe still for free). The Album, plus singles, will also be on full commercial release later this year.

3 – What is your music background? (tell us your story!)

SHOWBIZHEROES were born out of years of collective friendships and former projects/bands. We’re just four ordinary gents writing extraordinary songs. The members are Nick – Vocals/Guitar, Austin – Bass, Dan – Keys/Vocals and JW – Drums.

4 – How do you describe your music to people?

Big Rock/Bigger Pop. We like our tunes to have a great melody, catchy keys, solid rhythm section, and being able to hear the words is a MUST.

5 – What do you think about people downloading music online?

It’s a great idea and allows bands like us to access the world without the need of a record deal. Bands with record deals receive so little money from actual sales in today’s market; it’s almost worth giving it away. If you do a little research, and gain some understanding on the industry, it REALLY is possible to do it all on your own nowadays.

6 – What dream tour would you love to be on, with any past or present bands?

There really are too many to list. But we could have one of them dreams come true this year so keep an eye out!

7 – What have been the biggest obstacles for you, to get your music heard?

Money and PR – This is the music industries version of The Chicken and the Egg. You can’t have one without the other. The next obstacle would be radio play. This becomes a lot easier when you solve the Money & PR problem.

8 – What is the best freebie you have ever been given?

The EP ‘The Periodic Table Does Not Recognise The Element Of Surprise’ by SHOWBIZHEROES. We’re also told that one night stands are a close second!

9 – Everyone has a song that annoyingly sticks in their head, what is yours
at the moment?

For me personally anything by Empire of the Sun, it’s been on repeat on my I-Pod for about a month.

10 – Who are you tipping for the top, music wise?

We’ve heard of this new band called U2? Austin (bass player) reckons they could be pretty big 2010!

11 – What do you do with your free time?

Insure private jets, develop HM customs computer systems, collect debt and manage credit card fraud!

12 – Have you discovered any interesting music related sites online?

There are almost too many sites trying to get on this band wagon. Gigjunkie.net is the best by far.

13 – Which comes first, the music or the lyrics?

You can’t make a good song without both.

14 – Tell us about your next gigs and why we should be there!

So you can say to your friends and children, I was there!

Keep checking our myspace for gig listings

15 – Interview questions can be quite dull, so what do you really want to be
to talking about now?

Whether you’re free for a drink Lauren……? Ha.

So, some Showbizheroes are offering to take me for a drink, interesting! To see what else 2010 has in store, and to read our brand new ’15 Questions’ keep your eyes on music.co.uk. If you’re a band or singer and would like to be featured on the site please email lauren.john@music.co.uk for more details. In the meantime, head on over to www.myspace.com/showbizheroes and have a listen to the band!