/’15 Questions’ With Kirsty Almeida

’15 Questions’ With Kirsty Almeida

Kirsty4Well ok, I told a little white lie, we caught Kirsty on the hop, so we don’t have a full ‘15 Questions’ for you this time around, but read on to gain an insight into the female singer-songwriter from Manchester, who will be releasing her debut single ‘Spider’ on 14th June. With a background that includes touring with a theatre company, and performing with a Latin Band, her story is sure to be an interesting one!

If you could read one newspaper headline about yourself this year, what would it be?

Kirsty Almeida designs and plays a ballgown made out of clocks, harps and drums, finished with a train made of tuned sculpted spoons!

If a radio station gave you control of their shows and playlists for a day, what would you do?

I would hire Bob Dylan to come in and DJ every show for the whole day, and then I’d get a comfy chair, some great food, and enjoy the ride!

You decide to plan a launch for your new album/single release, what would your ideal event be?

A ball in a castle, with an orchestra backing, and ballgown and tux door entry.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt about the music industry?

Always listen, but stick to what you feel is right. Pick your battles wisely, the music industry is a machine – it carries on regardless.

Are there any instruments, or other music related skills you’d like to pick up or improve on?

Yes! I would love to play the African Kora and the harp! OOoooohhhh – I would love to play the Kora!

You’re asked to design/come up with something to give away to fans at your gigs, what would it be?

A remote controlled aeroplane that drops a gorgeous cupcake in a teeny parachute, and then releases some mechanical butterflies that play a song.

What’s your favourite part of music history?

All of it – from the beginning to the end, and I love the bit in the middle.

What was the last thing you googled online?

Can’t tell you, I’d get into trouble.

Have you any funny ‘You’ve Been Framed’ style stories you can share with us?

Far too many to say really! My life is absolutely full of them. I once said over a radio mic, that I thought had been switched off, to an entire auditorium of 1200 silent people, “Could you help me please? My knickers are falling down and I can’t reach them.” I was wearing a huge costume with a harness!

Do you still buy CD singles/albums, or is it all about downloads?

I just recently got into vinyl.

Along with her single release ‘Spider’, Kirsty also has an album due out in September called ‘Pure Blue Green’. You can find out more about both releases, and Kirsty herself at http://www.kirstyalmeida.com, or catch Kirsty on tour throughout June, and at various summer festivals.