/Zemmy: Demo Review

Zemmy: Demo Review

As much as we love to hear every single CD that comes into music.co.uk, we’ve had rather an influx of indie/rock lately, so it’s time for something different! That something different comes in the shape of 23 year old Nigerian born Zemmy, a singer-songwriter who is now based in London, and slowly starting to make her mark on the music world.

Zemmy’s two track demo is an interesting mix of soul and pop, with a slight acoustic/folk edge in the guitar arrangements. Her first track, Limbo, starts off with a smooth piano melody and soulful harmonies, with the tempo increasing when the guitar and drums kick in. The music has an interesting structure, though for me it wasn’t really going anywhere, and needed a build up to a more immediate chorus to lift it further. When it comes to the vocals though, the work has already been done. Zemmy has a voice that can be pure and commercial, and haunting and soulful as well. She displays both sides to her vocal in her second track ‘Bleed Me Dry’, a well written soulful/pop song. The mid-tempo style, and structure of this song make it a lot easier to get into, and it’s catchy and refreshing too. Although the second track was by far the most developed on the CD, both tracks illustrate her potential as a vocalist, and her ability to come up with something new and refreshing. With the benefits of winning the 2009 Shure Creative Award behind her, I am sure she will develop further as an artist, and songwriter, and make further impact on the music world in 2010.

To hear these, and other Zemmy tracks, please visit her Myspace @ www.myspace.com/zemmym