/Will Young Hits Out At X Factor

Will Young Hits Out At X Factor

He found fame and fortune thanks to a very similar show but now music artist Will Young has criticised the television show X Factor. Whilst he has the television industry to thank for getting where he is today the artist stated that the show which Simon Cowell created is hoodwinking viewers. More than anything he stated that the show was not about music and that the focus has moved away from music.

Speaking in an interview the thirty two year old singer stated that the television show was much more sensationalised now. He suggested that the show was too focused on viewing figures rather than producing good quality music acts. Will Young went on to state that these shows have never been about music and that TV producers are only concerned with producing great television shows. Will suggested that the shows should change their focus towards music rather than viewing figures. The singer suggest that the show was making the public more cynical and that this could change the way people perceived music. It was even suggested that shows such as the X Factor manipulate viewers into liking certain acts and certain songs; Young suggested this could be devastating for the music business.

Will Young was the winner of Pop Idol, a show which was very similar to the X Factor and essentially the foundations of the show which is viewed by millions today. Pop Idol was praised by Young for being all about the music and not just about viewing figures. The show was also praised by the singer for being an advocate for gay rights. The singer suggested that the show helped people consider their prejudices, Young suggests peoples perceptions of gay people has changed as a direct result of music.

The artist revealed that he was gay after he won the television show, at the time this caused great controversy and many people questioned why he did not announce this during the show. A similar development has recently happened in the X Factor when 2009 winner Joe Mcelderry announced that he was gay after the show. Will Young will celebrate a decade in the music business this year.

Despite the concerns of Will Young the viewing figures of X Factor 2011 have only fallen slightly on last year, this potentially a direct result of Simon Cowell not being on the show.