/While She Sleeps – Band Bio

While She Sleeps – Band Bio

There is a spark of excitement at a While She Sleeps show. This band certainly gets the crowd on their feet, moving their heads and slamming their body’s into each other while appreciating the heavy Steel City act. They’ve been great support for big time bands such as ‘Enter Shikari’ and ‘Bury Tomorrow’, along with many more. From seeing my first While She Sleeps gig (Abbreviated to being, WSS), I have witnessed a huge difference in how they play, the energy that they show on stage, and their bond as a band. Individually, they work their asses off 100% and now it’s paying off. They are playing shows at many cities in the UK, as well as in Belgium, too!

The band has grown together and moulded into a top metal act that have always seemed to steal the show with their crazy live performances. That is hard for anyone to deny.

Their numerous own written songs have gone down very well with their drastically growing fan-base, and nothing but praise and admiration goes out to them. With songs like ‘I Am King’ and ‘Gepetto’ along with many more addictive sounds, it pleases and excites me for what is coming next. Catchy metal riffs and heavy fast beats mixed with a great stage performance are sure to be on the agenda.

They have recently had a change in vocalist, not through a fall-out, but through having a good enough relationship to decide what is best for the band. A new front-man may be a great move for the Steel City metalers, so they can pursue in making even better songs and giving their fans music that is unique, with ex Revenance vocalist, Lawrence Taylor.

The future looks bright for this great bunch of lads, with an EP on the way and a tour in December with Ignominious Incarceration; you should get down to a show and find out for yourself how exciting they are!

While She Sleeps

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