/Been There, Watched The Advert, Now See The Video!

Been There, Watched The Advert, Now See The Video!

It’s a song that has been playing out over ‘that famous John Lewis’ advert for weeks, and is surely one of advertisings biggest success stories of 2010. It is of course Fyfe Dangerfield’s rendition of the classic 1977 Billy Joel song ‘She’s Always A Woman’.

The track has reached number 7 in the UK singles charts, and has given Fyfe’s Album ‘Fly Yellow Moon’ a boost, sending it to number 12 in the album charts! Just goes to show what having a song feature in a major advertising campaign can do, but lest we forget the artist behind this current hit, Fyfe Dangerfield has also produced a music video to the track which you can view below!

In review terms this is quite a simple video to watch, and is mainly focussed on Fyfe playing the piano, in a dark, dingy, brick walled building, which he frequently explores, possibly looking for the ‘woman’ he is singing about. With Fyfe suited and booted, and singing such an emotive song, there is a strong contrast between music/surroundings, which is an interesting one. That said, I did find watching the John Lewis video more enjoyable, and I think the producers there have done a great job integrating the video shots with the lyrics to the track.

The track itself, has a slight old fashioned/folky quality to the melodies, and with Fyfe’s recognisable voice, it could well have staying power! The only problem is, with both song and video playing out everywhere, we might get to the point where we’ve heard and watched it all one too many times!!!

For more information on Fyfe Dangerfield, please visit www.fyfedangerfield.com, or you can also find out about his band The Guillemots at www.guillemots.com