/The Wanted Break the US

The Wanted Break the US

It is more than well known within the UK music industry that the US music market is incredibly difficult to crack. Regardless of how successful artists have been within the UK, there has never been a guarantee that they will be liked in the US. Many artists have travelled across the pond in order to attempt to break the market but many have also failed.

In recent times more and more UK artists have been successful in the US, most recently Adele has cracked the market majorly and has become a major hit. Young band One Direction have also been accepted well in the US.

UK chart stars The Wanted recently travelled across to the UK with an attempt to break the music market and they have worked hard in order to secure success. The band now look like they are on track for major success in the US after their latest release became a major download and airplay hit.

It is being reported that The Wanted have become the first British boy band to make it into the top three position on iTunes in the US. The band has gained this position with their latest single, Glad You Came.

One Direction’s success in the US is also being celebrated after the band managed to enter the Bilboard Chart at number twenty eight with their single What Makes You Beautiful. This is the highest debut entering point for a UK act in fourteen years and can therefore be recognised as a major success.

Demand for The Wanted is now increasing majorly and the band are hoping to achieve great success in the US music market.