vote tlsOver the last nine weeks, a varied mix of surpreme unsigned talent has been taking to the stage in fictional Hollyoaks Nightclub The Loft. Each band has been mentored by a member of the Hollyoaks cast, who has been campaigning for his or her act to win! It’s been a really interesting nine weeks, so congratulations to all concerned! But now it’s time to get down to business!

We are backing The Library Suits 100%, and yes we may be a little bias as our writer Rich is lead guitarist, but we also happen to think they produce some pretty damn good indie/rock tunes. If you’d like to join the cause and help us support The Library Suits, then we would really appreciate it, as would the band.

You can vote online between today (12th) and the 16th of December, with the winner being announced on Saturday 19th.

Voting involves a very painless sign up to the Channel 4 Website, and that is all. Then your all set to cast your vote! Click Here to visit the voting page, or Click Here for The Library Suits Myspace, where you can watch a video of their performance on Episode 7 of the Hollyoaks Music Show, and listen to their other songs.

Should they win, they will perform on a future episode of Hollyoaks. Every vote counts, so tell all your friends, and get voting!

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