/Voice of an Angel Charlotte Church lets the music talk

Voice of an Angel Charlotte Church lets the music talk

Charlotte Church, 24, started her career 13 years ago and has been the subject of tabloid fodder for almost along as she has been famous. Charlotte is known within the media world as having a “voice of an angel”. Although it is not very often that it is her singing which is of debate within the media, it often revolves around her drinking, smoking and love life. Charlotte, who has two children, continues to be featured within the British media, with column inches being dedicated to her weight loss and break up from rugby player Gavin Henson. Charlotte has said, “I never really indulged in the whole fame thing. I just wasn’t interested in the whole scene, because I found it quite shallow”.

The singer has always stated that she is the happiest when she is with her family and friends, “we go in rounds and stuff, but sometimes I’ll have a party at my house and no-one has to bring anything, so I’m pretty generous. But at the same time you have to have that give and take, which is what sustains a relationship; otherwise you just feel that people are taking the mickey out of you”. Charlotte has stated that she is determined to let her singing do the talking despite her continually being the press for numerous other matters. The star has now found a new man who is believed to have been invited to meet her ex Gavin Henson.