/Have You Visited The Vodafone Music Studio?

Have You Visited The Vodafone Music Studio?

June the 19th saw the introduction of the Vodafone Music Studio, an exciting new venture between the mobile phone giant, and Myspace. This project will initially run for eight months, so if you’ve not visited already, then there’s still plenty of time to join in with the fun.

Myspace is aiming to strengthen its ties with the music industry with this project, which is aimed at not only bands, but music enthusiasts too; in fact all creative music types who live in the UK, Germany, or Spain. It also goes to show how involved Vodafone is in music all across the globe. But down to the product itself, what is it, and why should you give it a go?

The Music Studio is reached through www.myspace.com/themusicstudio, and has many different applications for users to explore. In CREATE mode, you can use the ‘Go Mix’ application and try out your skills, remixing popular artists tracks, or if you’re a budding musician, then there is the option to source tips and tricks for marketing yourself on Myspace too. New bands can also raise their profile through the monthly ‘ones to watch competition’, where the chosen bands will be promoted, and also win studio time. But that isn’t the end of it, as users can also enjoy all the latest news on Vodafone sponsored music events and festivals happening across Europe, and join in with the Vodafone Music Reporter Campaign. This exciting project offers you the chance to review festivals across Europe, with the final winner reporting back to Myspace from an MTV event. It’s a unique, and interesting project, which I’m sure all you music.co.uk readers will enjoy. If you’re looking for new and fun ways to get involved in music, or maybe just fancy yourself as a new remixing or writing talent, then this is the site for you. www.myspace.com/themusicstudio, the place for innovation and creativity in 2009!