/Video Ratings the Future?

Video Ratings the Future?

As more and more music videos begin to offer a higher level of adult related content there has been call from some people for adult ratings to be put in place. Numerous high profile groups have started campaigns to put ratings on the music videos which offer content which some regard as being not suitable for children.

Although the boss of one of the most popular online music video streaming services has stated that an age ratings system would not work. Rio Caraeff who is the CEO of Vevo has stated that he does not think it is necessary and that it would not work.

A report which was produced for the government in 2011 stated that a system would help to protect children from sexual images and explicit lyrics. There are almost 200 million videos per month watched on Vevo in the UK.

Many campaign groups are stating that the music videos that are shown in the UK are influencing the behaviour of children and this needs to be changed.

Gary Barlow, the former Take That star, has stated that he does not wish his young children to be watching certain music videos which offer highly adult material.

Many other artists are for this change but there are also many who are against it. At present it seems there is a mix in opinions and it is unclear whether this plan will go ahead.