/New Vibe for Taio

New Vibe for Taio

Taio Cruz will stick to his routes and offer a dance sound on his up and coming album. The singer who has become increasingly popular in the UK will offer the tracks that will offer a similar vibe to Dynamite. The new album will be named YT.O and it is expected for release shortly. The song Dynamite became a worldwide smash hit and it is believed that the rapper is going with ethos of if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Cruz has stated that he will have more authentic dance based club hits on the new album. This is great news for the lovers of his dance materials and there is little doubt that is new album will be played in clubs across the country.

Cruz revealed in a recent interview that he certainly wasn’t bored of the up tempo dance electro sound and that he would be focusing on this greatly in the future. Speaking about his work Cruz revealed that he would stick with this kind of work until he was bored and wanted to do something else.

In order to produce the album Cruz joined with producer Dr Luke, the same one from his Dynamite single. One of the first singles on the album will be Hangover and this will also feature popular rapper Flo Rida. Speaking about the single Cruz stated that whilst he is not a drinker he wanted to offer something to those partygoers that overindulge slightly. Critics have stated that the lyrics of the song are slightly risqué but apparently the genuinely match the antics of many people. The song producer has stated that the song is a true representation of many peoples evening.

The album has been named TYO in order to encourage people to say the artists name correctly. Cruz has recently tweeted in order to vent his frustration at people pronouncing his name incorrectly.