/UK Muisc Charts to be Visualised

UK Muisc Charts to be Visualised

It has today been announced that the BBC Radio 1 station will now screen the UK music chart online. Essentially the show that will be screened will be similar show to the previously popular Top of the Pops.

The BBC has announced that the final hour of the chart show, which is currently 6pm-7pm, will be visualised. This will be the first time ever that the chart show has broadcasted on the Internet. The viewers of the show will be able to view the music videos; recorded performances and also the announcement of who is number one live on screen.

Speaking about the show the BBC stated, “This is the Chart Show for the 21st century. I’m very excited about this innovation. Young people will be logging on to listen, watch and take part in the show. I hope that this will be to our young listeners what listening to the chart and waiting to record your favourite pop songs was for another generation”.

Previously the Top 10 singles of the chart were visualised on the BBC in 2006, although this did not carry on.

The first visualised show on the BBC Radio One website will occur on Sunday 26th February.

For many people this is a move forward for the UK music scene.