/UK X Factor in Jeopardy

UK X Factor in Jeopardy

The hit television programme series the X Factor is becoming increasingly talked about within the UK after it is now emerged that both judges Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole are likely to leave the show and focus on the new US version.

Speculation has been high for several months regarding whether Cheryl Cole will be offered a place on the judges panel in the US series but it now appears that the place has been confirmed. Simon Cowell has stated that Cole has an excellent ability to communicate and judge new talent. The speculation surrounding whether a judges place would be offered centred around whether people felt Cole would be recognised as a household name in America, as she is not even known by some people. Although Cowell has stated he feels the American public will warm to and accept the judge just like the British public.

This news will leave a bigger headache for the management in charge of the UK version of the television show. Just last week Simon Cowell, the judge who many regard as the main highlight of the show, announced who would play a much smaller role in the UK programme. Although he maintains that he will have a heavy influence on the direction of the show. Speculation now mounts surrounding who will feature on the judges panel on the UK show. The two previous judges Danni Minogue and Louis Walsh are expected to be present although contracts have not yet been signed. Rumours surrounding who will replace Cowell and Cole include Lily Allen, Ozzy Osbourne and Garry Barlow. Although whether the British public will accept any of these as a true replacement is questionable.

Cowell, a co-owner of the UK and US version, has stated he was very keen to get Cheryl on the US judges panel. He regards Cheryl as someone ‘special’ and feels that she will be an excellent addition to the new US version of the show. It is believed that Cole has taken a judges place over stars such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Cee Lo Green, some of the American public are understandably dubious about the decision.

This will be the first US version of the X Factor show, the UK version will also be aired at the same time.