/UK Chart Break Down

UK Chart Break Down

Another week passes by within the world of UK music and LMFAO continue their reign at the top of the singles chart. Their single, Party Rock Anthem has now spent five weeks at number one. This is song is being regarded by many as one of the top summer anthems.

At number two there was a new entry with a collaboration by Wreth 32 and Example. The sinlge Unorthodox has proven to be a massive hit and it is expected to take the number one spot in the coming weeks.

4 weeks in the chart for Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull now see their single in the number three spot. The song, On The Floor, has previously been number one and is another ‘summer’ loving single.

Number four sees the return of a classic song, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. This is a song which was in the charts numerous years when it was first released. It has now reemerged in the UK singles chart after it was featured on the television show Britain’s Got Talent. The programme appears to have a similar effect to the UK X Factor singing programme where songs which are sung each week appear to enter the UK Charts.

Chris Brown is at number five with his single Beautiful People. This song is a collaboration with the well known Ibizian DJ Benny Benassi. The DJ is best known for his song Satisfaction that was released several years ago, it was largely popular in the UK Dance scene. This song has now been in the charts 5 weeks and has moved up 3 places this week.

Down two at number 6 is Snoop Dog with his song Sweat and down four at number 7 is Katy Perry featuring Kanye West with E.T.

At number eight are the popular group the Black Eyed Peas with their single Just Cant Get Enough, this song has been in the charts 8 weeks and has dropped three places this week.

At number is Lady Gaga with her single Judas, this has moved up five places in the charts and has been in the charts for two weeks.

In the number 10 spot is Mann featuring 50 Cent with their song Buzzin, this has been present in the charts for eight weeks and has dropped one place this week.