/U2 Hint at Glastonbury 2011 Return

U2 Hint at Glastonbury 2011 Return

A message broadcast on the band’s website last week pointed out that they had space in their schedule in June next year, suggesting that headlining was ‘a possibility’.

The group who were booked to appear this summer were forced to cancel after frontman, Bono, had surgery on his back. Since then, Glastonbury organiser, Michael Eavis, has been in conversation with the band to get them to return.

The message broadcast on the band’s website last Friday asked: “Will U2 fans finally see ‘Glastonbury’ (one of the band’s latest songs) at Glasto?”

Paul McGuinness, manager of the band commented that the band were ‘excited about their plans for next year’ and to “watch this space!”

Mr Eavis had little to say on the matter. When probed about U2’s possible return, he said: “we don’t know yet, we’re obviously planning all sorts of things”. However, he did go on to say that “the three main headliners are incredibly impressive”.

Glastonbury tickets for 2011 sold out in just 4 hours on Sunday, leaving many music fans disappointed.