/U2 Break Record for Biggest Tour Ever

U2 Break Record for Biggest Tour Ever

The band U2 have added yet another record to their list after becoming owners of the highest ever turnout for a tour event.
The second show on April 11th as the Estadio Morumbi in Sa Paulom Brazil saw the band break the record with their 360 tour; the record had previously been set and achieved by the Rolling Stones.
U2 have brought in over £341 million, the amount achieved by the Rolling Stones from their A Bigger Bang tour which was held from 2005-2007. It is estimated that U2 will make £428 million from the tour by the time they reach their finally destination on 30th July at Magnetic Hill Music Festival, Moncton located within New Brunswick.
The tour of 110 shows has sold over seven million tickets, which sees them take another record from the Rolling Stones. The highest ever amount of tickets sold was previously 6.4 million for the Vodoo Lounge tour held in 1994-1995.
The band manager of U2, Paul McGuiness has stated that everybody involved with the tour is very proud of the achievements; he also commented that as the tour was so large it is very unlikely it will be ever outstripped. He feels that the success of U2 has continued due to their devotion to put on live shows.
Fans of the band are also believed to be very happy with the achievements, especially as the ticket prices for gigs have been priced at extremely reasonable prices which has ensure a broad audience can attend. This is somewhat unique of U2 as some bands are renowned for inflated tour ticket prices; U2 have pledged to continue with their appealing pricing structures. Furthermore, the band have stated that they will continue to tour even when the 360 tour has finished.
The people in charge of promoting the tour have revealed that the band are expected to make a ‘substantial amount’ from the tour. Although they did also state that U2 are renowned for investing heavily into the production of their tours to ensure all watchers are more than pleased.
The achievements of the band are quite staggering, they continue to be at the top of their game despite being dominant in the worldwide music charts consistently for over three decades.