/Twin Atlantic: Lightspeed (Single/Video)

Twin Atlantic: Lightspeed (Single/Video)

This may be the first time I’ve come across Scottish four piece band Twin Atlantic, but they’ve been grabbing the attention of many other music fans, and the mighty Enter Shikari, who recently invited them along on their European tour. It seems they’ve made quite an impression then, but as first impressions can be all important, I better turn on their new single ‘Lightspeed’ and see what I make of them.

The track starts in quite an industrial way, with an oddly distorted intro, and continues into a soaring, pumping indie/rock beat. The drums are high in the mix, occasionally layered with effects pedals, the overall result being quite atmospheric. It did grab my attention initially, though the chorus wasn’t really powerful enough, and I found it quite repetitive. The remainder of the lyrical content was interesting, but I couldn’t really equate what I was hearing with the themes of ‘unity, self belief, and friendship’, that the band described in their PR blurb. I was also left a little puzzled by the video. The shadowy performance shots on a wasteland were well suited to the style of the song, but I’m not too sure why the other scenes were there. Cue puzzlement at what I’m told is an exploded meth lab, a fish massacre graveyard, and a painted hillside!

Having watched the video, and listened to the song a number of times, I’d say I’m a bit undecided about this band! ‘Lightspeed’ is a song that creates interest, but perhaps doesn’t sustain it as well as it could! See what you think when it’s released on March 1st.