/You Tube Pick: Michael Jackson: This Is It Trailer

You Tube Pick: Michael Jackson: This Is It Trailer

This has to be one of the easiest posts I’ve ever written, and one of the easiest choices I’ve made. Today’s You Tube Pick has to be the Official This Is It trailer from Sony Pictures.

No doubt this, like anything else associated with Michael Jackson, will bring forth a torrent of mixed opinions, cycnicism, and more, but hey we’re used to that right? Who would have thought that when the shows at the o2 were scheduled, ‘This Is It’ really would mean ‘This Is It’. So here we are in Autumn 2009 with a film release forthcoming which promises us a look at what might have been. The backstage gossip, the band rehearsing, the on-stage spectacles being tested, and the great man himself on-stage one last time.

To be honest I’ve been avoiding all the media circus, rumour, and speculation surrounding MJ recently, but I couldn’t resist watching this trailer. This trailer does everything it needs to do. There’s hints of the music, set, band, dance routines, and staging, all packaged together into 2 minutes 33 seconds of magic. Imagine what the full length film will be like, when it hits the cinemas on October 28th. It will only be shown for two weeks, so make sure you get your tickets when they go on sale soon!

“His dreams inspired the world, but there was still one dream he wanted to share with everyone”