/Trent Reznor Waves Goodbye

Trent Reznor Waves Goodbye

 For those of you who read my articles (i’m sure there are thousands of you, because yes, i’m that full of it) you’d know i’m a fairly huge fan of Nine Inch Nails. I’ve got every single halo release, i’ve been to their shows many many times, and am even sitting next to a poster of Trent Reznor in my bedroom. The only poster in my room, for that matter.

 Recently, Trent Reznor announced a possible indefinite hiatus from playing and touring due to the dissolution of the music industry. Having been an outspoken advocate for the way in which the music industry handles its profits as well as consistent pick-pocketing of hard working musicians and the money they really deserve, this didn’t come as a surprise.

 He stuck it to the industry figure heads by releasing his latest record The Slip for free, as well as poking fun at other musical ‘icons’ such as Chris Cornell and Timbaland on April Fools Day with his infamous fake album entitled Strobelight. Such a huge icon throughout music history, the man has pushed over so many barriers through genre and industry standards that he deserves far more credit than he gets by popular media.

 His concerts have become legendary with the great amount of effort put into the light show, as well as the on stage antics and consistent high level quality of sound and performance. Trent Reznor has put on albums that blow away any sort of similar sound. Each album is unique and different for its own reasons, usually with a theme or the like accompanying it.

 Unfortunately, the latest post on nin.com indicates that this may well just be the end of Nine Inch Nails. On the tour page, a large graphic displaying the words ‘Wave Goodbye’ have been posted. The forums exploded, not only on the NIN webpage, but even on gossip blog site Oh No They Didnt. Indicating perhaps the last tour with Janes Addiction will indeed be a wave goodbye, many thousands of Nine Inch Nails fans have been weeping for the end of an era.

 His Twitter fails to indicate anything otherwise, other than how epic the upcoming shows are going to be for this tour. Will this be the end of Trent Reznor or will he be continuing on in a whole other form of media?

Rumours have been floating around that Reznor’s concept album Year Zero (followed up by The Slip) will be made into a television show surrounding a dystopian future where the government is an all encompassing body, and free thought is highly looked down upon.

Apparently the idea has been greenlit, but still searching for many important entities including a producer, etc.

So who knows what the future is going to hold for Senor Reznor. His long standing situation within the horrid organisation of the music industry certainly indicates he’ll not stay around long within music. Maybe he’ll start the Nothing record label back up and continue producing like he did for Saul William’s debut album.

The producing and directing opportunities for the Year Zero series are naturally a great career opportunity. Fingers crossed that David Lynch will want to work with Reznor after pairing up on Lost Highway with music.

So Mr Reznor, after all the years, I wish you luck! You’ve been a great idol, but i’m still sure i’m going to need loss counselling after you leave.

And for the readers, Reznor’s twitter account is here, and his pirate account (worth it for a laugh) is here.