/Train: Hey Soul Sister (Video)

Train: Hey Soul Sister (Video)


Train have been around since 1994, have produced some outstanding singles/albums, and are currently all over the radio, yet when their latest video arrived in my inbox, I sat looking at it with a blank expression on my face. I think it’s a case of heard the music, not heard the name, but after viewing this little gem, I think I will be paying much closer attention to what Train are doing in the future.

Hey Soul Sister, has been described by some online sources as one of the bands most successful tracks to-date, making its mark on their native American charts, and judging by the number of radio plays it’s getting, replicating the success in the UK. It’s a track packed full of jaunty, folk infused guitar arrangements, percussion, and rhythmic drum beats. It’s easy to listen to, and although there wasn’t as much definition as I was expecting between the verses and chorus, there was definitely a memorable hook in the lyrics to sing along to. Saving the best until last, the lead singer of the band has a vocal to be reckoned with as well. It’s smooth, polished, and has a strong depth to it. He delivers the vocal well, and adds a bit of personality to the video. This is mainly a performance piece, with various scenes in the background, and some quirky graphic effects. It’s quite a simple production, but works well with the song. I’d say both single and video work well for me, and if Train were aiming to gain new fans with this release, they may just have done that. A trip to the record store might be in order for me, I think!

‘Hey Soul Sister’ is available now, and will be followed by the album ‘Save Me, Save San Francisco’, which is released on May 17th. For more information, please visit www.trainline.com/uk.