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Take That Tour Record

Take That have had one of the most successful and popular tours of all time, many fans would describe it as the best tour they have ever seen. The band who began the tour when the whole group was reunited, with Robbie Williams rejoining the band to make the five complete, have enjoyed excellent success ever since the tour began.

The record which the band have broken and now hold is the record for the highest grossing residency at a tour, this record has been gained for their Progress tour which is still ongoing.

In June and July Take That held eight performances at the Wembley Stadium in London, each of these concerts was sold out within a matter of minutes and through the sales of tickets the amount grossed from those dates alone was £38 million.

This record which is now held by Take That was previously held by Brian Springsteen who grossed £23.5 million over ten nights when performing at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey. Springsteen held this record for eight years after gaining it in 2003.

The eight concerts held at Wembley Stadium were performed to a total of 623,737 fans, an amazing amount of people for a band who have been around for many years. Many fans have spoken of their delight at the band reforming and they are hoping that further new material will be released by the band. In total from their Progress tour throughout the UK and Ireland the band have grossed £102 million from ticket sales.

The tour will now move to Europe where numerous different performances will put on in many different countries. The final concert of the Progress tour will be held in Germany on the 29th July.

Numerous rumours continue to circulate that the band will split once this tour has concluded, although the band have strongly denied these rumours. The band have made several statements indicating that they will not be splitting and that will produce new material in the next months.

Just last week the band had to cancel their first ever concert due to Robbie Williams suffering from food poisoning. Luckily for the band this only lasted one day and therefore only one concert in Denmark was cancelled.