/Top Five Videos With Misheard Lyrics

Top Five Videos With Misheard Lyrics

We love silly music stuff, and one doing the rounds at the moment is the ‘Misheard Lyric’ video craze. This is one step further than the usual Gotta Get That to “Gotta kit kat?’ style (Boom Boom Pow / Black Eyed Peas) because people visually add in what they think they here with great pictures to help out.

Sean Paul – Temperature

Sample lyric: I got the right temperature fish hat a ewe from the storm

Pokerface by Lady GaGa

This goes a good step further, merging literal videos, images and misheard lyrics.

Candyman by Aguilera

Sample Lyric: nothing more dangerous than a boy with chalk

All The Things She Said by Tatu

Sample Lyric: “This is not a nut” was a genuine 100% true laugh out loud moment.

Christina Aguilera – Dirrty

I have to warn people this is not safe for work or kids – so dont click if you are easily offended!

The only downside to this video is they slag off the Rogue Traders, which isnt fair as the cover shown is at the time of Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Who is ace.

Radiohead No Surpirses aka Gnomes nose prizes

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