/Tinie Tempah to Help Youngsters

Tinie Tempah to Help Youngsters

He has quickly become one of the most popular and recognised artists within the UK but Tinie Tempah now wants to stretch this popularity across to the US. Although he is keen to emphasise that he will not be moving his focus away from his home country the UK, he appreciates all of his fans.

Tinie is hoping to break the notoriously difficult US music market by inspiring young people to work hard. He currently has a number twelve hit in America with his song Written in the Stars, this song was very popular within the UK. The artist is very keen to succeed within the US despite many of his previous rap predecessors failing. He hopes that if he does succeed he will be able to spread a positive message to those young people who want to be involved in music.

Tinie Tempah has stated that it is not only important for him personally to break the music market but he also wishes to break the market so that he can prove that British rappers do have the potential to do so. He recognises that few people have done it before and therefore he is prepared to work very hard in order to make it big within the United States. By doing this he hopes young people in the US and the UK will be inspired by his work.

The twenty two year old musician has recently revealed that he is honoured to discover that Prince William is one of his biggest fans. He said he was not disappointed not to be invited to perform at the royal wedding but he was hugely moved from just watching the wedding from his hotel room.

Tinie Tempah revealed that Prince William attended one of his shows last year and that he was really pleased to see that music can bring people together. He spoke of the power of music and how it can bring everybody together.

The artist has recently performed at the Glastonbury festival and was highly praised by music fans and industry experts. His performance did not go totally to plan after his equipment did not arrive in time, this was due to a certain airline company failing to bring it on the correct flight. Tempah let rip on the company via Twitter.