/Time to Switch to the Metric System

Time to Switch to the Metric System

 A punch of electro synth pop, paired with poignant lyrics and masterfully created guitar sound scapes, Metric have released their fourth album Fantasies to a round of applause from the music world.

The album, released on the 7th of April, is currently being supported on a small independent tour around Europe and Canada, which is definitely worth checking out if they’re nearby.

This indie band formed in 1998 and have been consistently touring and producing albums each with their own signature and unique sound, while remaining cohesive and relevant to their evolving sound. Fantasies is an album which explores both a melodious mix of chilled out and soothing songs, as well as deep and stirring songs that get you thinking.

Help I’m Alive, is the first song off the album, and the one that stuck in my head the most often. In moments rather inappropriate (namely, a job interview) I found myself singing the song through my head for hours at a time. The lyrics Help i’m alive, my heart’s still beating like a hammer give an interesting standpoint for the rest of the album, as the band explore many themes to do with love and life. Amazingly, they manage to pull of a theme heavily done before without even a hint of cliché.

Emily Haines’ voice has a great timbre, that’s airy but has its moments of strength which certainly pull into the song and make it what it is.

Help I’m Alive is interesting in the sense that parts make me want to dance, and other parts make me want to sit down, ponder life and wax lyrical with philosophy.

The sound is a fascinating mix with their soundscapes creating space within a room, that is hard to duplicate.

On that note, they earn themselves a giant high five for the producing efforts around the album. Each song has been created and moves fluidly from one song to the next without feeling jilted or confused about the direction. The listening experience becomes easy and pleasant, which is definitely a bonus when focusing on the music at hand.

Stadium Love is another standout track that combines a catchy and melodious sound that makes way for a bit of dancing as well as marvelling at their techniques. Stadium Love has an incredible wall-of-sound effect which, on purpose i’m sure, makes it feel as if you’re watching the band performing in an arena.

The album earns serious points if you’re after a bit of indie pop, with a great singer driving behind the wheel. Crushing together Joy Division type poignancy with a dash of Yeah Yeah Yeahs melody and pop-knowledge, and adding their own unique sounds and guitar techniques, this album impresses on every level. Mention must be given to the driving bass while holds each piece together like a magical glue, and the seemingly difficult and intricate drumming methods used by the respective band members.

The sounds move easily, and each song has its own flare which makes it all feel fresh and new with the end and start of every track.


Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Standout Tracks: Help I’m Alive, Sick Muse, Gimme Sympathy and Stadium Love