/Tim Minchin, the Ultimate Rock’n’Roll Nerd: Review

Tim Minchin, the Ultimate Rock’n’Roll Nerd: Review

 It’s very rare to become a fly on the wall and peer into your favourite musicians inner workings. Watching them go through the tough journey from small time bar singer, to fully fledged musical genius. Seeing their relationships in action and discovering personality traits within them you never knew existed.

Tim Minchin’s documentary Rock’n’Roll Nerd recently premiered on Australian television, and will make its way onto dvd later on this year. This raw and honest documentary follows Tim Minchin from the birth of his act, to premiering at the Melbourne Comedy Festival some years ago. As he embarks through facing changes not only to his act, but to his physical appearance, we see the comedic genius moving house, finding agents and going through pregnancy with his wife.

Most comedians who have gained this level of fame tend to move within circles where they become viciously protective of their former life before celebrity status became an issue. Minchin avoids any sort of pretentious attitude throughout the documentary which begins with a look at old footage of Minchin playing a small, but quirky cabaret piano show in Melbourne. Looking slightly heavier (although not immediately noticeable), with glasses and a short curly hair do reminiscent of Justin Timberlake during the N’Sync years we’re greeted with that quirky smile that we’ve all grown to love. After Minchin declares he needed a style change (a chemically straightened hair do, and some freshly applied eyeliner), his career begins to skyrocket and we’re brought along in the journey.

Watching him travel through a small Melbourne Comedy Festival show, Minchin is at the time, unaware of the talent agents that are scouting the shows. This proves to be the biggest opportunity of his career as he wins an award for best new comer, and a trip to Edinburgh to play during the Fringe festival.

While these exciting changes are happening to his career, his bread-winner wife becomes pregnant with the couple’s first child, showing a rollercoaster of emotions for the two which further cements Minchin into the genuine and over all loveable comedian that isn’t often present during his live shows.

Tim Minchin shows that his character on stage is a well rehearsed (without being over-rehearsed, a feat of which is certainly impressive) as well as being genuinely funny without the effort that many comedians and musicians need to endure before making a name for themselves.

This honest and open documentary takes you through the up-take on Minchin’s career as well as a look into his real life. With many dizzying ups that he endures, he also suffers sickening lows that hits the heart and makes you love him, and his onstage character even more.

After watching this documentary for the second time just this morning, it’s definitely a small hour program that’s worth watching if you’re intrigued by the business and how careers take off. The relationships between managers and producers is explored, as well as watching how homesickness, change of lifestyle and big life events can impact a performer and their work.

The dvd will be available soon in stores, as well as Minchin touring extensively with his new show Ready for This?